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Portable Hand Roll Piano Beginner 49 Key MIDI Soft Keyboard


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The 49-key scrollable keyboard is an international standard key. The keys can be rolled up, small in size and easy to carry.

The keyboard surface has a function hotkey to adjust your favorite rhythm.

8 groups of drum rhythm, one button and one tone, recording and playback function, 16-level volume control, 32-level beat control, automatic sleep power saving function.

Built in 16 sounds. 

Built in 10 rhythms. 

Built in 6 demo songs for learning and enjoying classic songs. 

The built-in speaker sound is round and crisp, and melodious. 

Recording/playback function 

External headphones, external DC power supply.

Power: 3 AA batteries or DC 6V adapter (Note: delivery charging cable / without battery / without charging adapter)

Keyboard size: Control box: 10 (length) × 22.2 (width) × 2.2 (height) cm; keyboard: 73 (length) × 17.1 (width) × 0.3 (height) cm

Keyboard color: fantasy black, pearl white, autumn moon silver 

Single package: neutral color paper box Chinese manual (please contact customer service for English version)

Additional information

Weight 0.88 lbs
Dimensions 300 × 150 × 50 in



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